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  • No Devices showing up.

    I installed the plugin with no issue. But it does not seem to be working for me. The first thing I did was go to my device list and had a strange issue where the list just kept doing a browser refresh over and over. I disabled the plugin and it went away. re-enabled it and I have not see that issue any more. Strange.....

    Ok, now I set my room to 'nest' and it shows my two home locations, but no devices for those locations. I checked for the .net error that is documented and did not see it in my log. I turned on debug and restarted the plugin. Here is the log info. Please advise if you can..... Thanks!

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    everything looks ok in the log
    in the device management page filter on Device Type = "Type: Plug-in: Nest", and then check all on room and floor filters


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      Ahh, my bad. I was looking for the devices to be created in the room 'nest'. Looks like you match them to a room name in Nest. Of course that makes sense. Guess I should have had that second cup of coffee before trying to get this to work.... Thanks!