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Question About The Polling Interval

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    Question About The Polling Interval

    I am just getting started with this plugin and want to start out by thanking Kirby for sharing such an excellent piece of work. I am curious as to what the polling interval is, if it can be changed, and if so what the minimum and maximum values might be. I am not finding much with regard to making plugin changes via scripting and hope to do so with the polling interval and perhaps some other settings if they are readily accessible.

    Hi Dave,
    The plugin runs a separate thread that continuously polls the thermostats. So, depending on how many thermostats you have and what capabilities are enabled determines how often they are polled. For example, if you don't use the humidifier and dehumidifier capabilities then they are not polled for.

    Runtimes are polled once an hour, filter change is polled once a day, and outside temperature is set every four minutes. The thermostat clock is set every hour.

    The intervals can not be changed.

    I hope this helps.




      That's kind of what I expected as I was monitoring the port and was seeing a poll request like every second or so.

      The plugin is rock solid, so I guess I will leave well enough alone, and go break something else.

      Thanks again for confirming my suspicions with regard to the polling scheme!