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Omnistat2 Feature Request - program schedule

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    Omnistat2 Feature Request - program schedule

    All users,

    I'm looking for support on this request:

    In the prev HAI stat plugin there was programming screen/table with the days of week across the top and different time periods (morn, day, even, night) down the side, and you just selected the temperatures (heat & cool) in each cell. Then load them into the stat.

    You could save each profile by name. I had a summer, spring, fall, and winter schedule and could just load them when necessary. Loading ia an event action would be great.

    I'm interested in this feature because i have two stats and creating all the events for the various days of the week vs times of the day seems overwelming and difficult to manage.

    please add your two cents to this request and maybe Kirby will implement when he has time.

    HS3 Pro
    Hardware: Insteon Serial PLM | AD2USB for Vista Alarm | HAI Omnistat2 | 1-Wire HA7E | RFXrec433 | Dahua Cameras | LiftMaster Internet Gateway
    Plugins: Insteon (mine) | Vista Alarm (mine) | Omnistat 3 (by Kirby) | Ultra1Wire3 | RFXCOM | NetCAM | MyQ | BLRadar | BLDenon | Jon00 Charting
    Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory