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  • remaining filter days

    I have been using the plugin for a few weeks now and my remaining filter days set off the filter on the thermostat. I changed the filter and now I am trying to reset the filter count. Where is the reset filter days and where do I assign the number of days in the cycle.
    Thanks Dave....
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    I don't know if the plugin supports the functionality to reset the filter days count, but the Thermostat does. Page 4 of the manual says "Press the Scroll Wheel twice to clear the change filter reminder. Don't forget to change your filter!". Does that reset the count?


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      Reset filter count

      Your right, the thermostat does support the function. The old HAI plugin on HS2 supported it and i got used to using it. I could reset the filter count at the thermostat but the HS function was nice. You could also program the number of days you wanted to change the filter without having to go into the thermostat. Does anyone know of a scripting command that would reset that count for HS3?


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        According to the documentation register 133 is the Filter Reminder setting and register 15 is the Days until Reminder value.
        You can set any register that is not read only with the SetRegister command.
        &shs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "SetRegister", new object[]{1,133,30});
        This sets register 133 on thermostat 1 to a value of 30
        You can also read the value of any register with an immediate script command.
        &shs.WriteLog("Test", "Value = " + hs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "GetRegister", new object[]{1,133}));
        This writes the value of register 133 on thermostat 1 to the Homeseer log.

        Having said all that I can set registers 133 and 15 using SetRegister and confirm their new values with GetRegister but unfortunately, the new register values don't show up on the thermostat.

        If someone knows how the filter reminder is reset it would be very helpful.


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          Thanks that helps, i will try to play with it and hopefully someone comes up with how to do it. I will let you know if the scripting helps.


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            Kirby, I was unable to find the register 133 on any documentation as being the filter reminder setting. I could only find registers up to 73. Would writing to register 133 with a zero or one reset the filter change since register 15 is for the number of days remaining maybe resetting register 133 clears the Filter warning?


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              Look at my thermostat documentation sticky. The correct registers for the Omnistat2 are listed under Omnistat2 Registers.pdf. There are some register differences between the Omnistat 2 and the original Omnistats.

              Would writing to register 133 with a zero or one reset the filter change since register 15 is for the number of days remaining maybe resetting register 133 clears the Filter warning?
              Your guess is as good as mine. I don't actually use the filter capability so I don't have any experience in this area.


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                Think I might have it

                Kirby, what i have found is in the HS2 plugin there were two screens for the filter change and the reset. You would select in a drop down box 1 - 30 days where one day is 24hours. On the other screen was the reset button. I have attached two screen shots. What I did was used the manual event that you showed to set the register code, &shs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "SetRegister", new object[]{1,133,30}); but instead of register 133 I used the register 15. &shs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "SetRegister", new object[]{1,15,1});I set the register 15 to 1 day and after 24hrs it cycled to zero. When it cycled to zero the filter alert came on the thermostat as FILT. What I did then was sent the manual command to reset register 15 to 10days which is 240hrs (this is what I use for my day count to change filter) and the filter error cleared.
                All you would need to add to the plugin is create a drop down box for 1 to 30 days on the omnistat3 plugin page and when the day is set and the reset will run the manual event with the number of days selected and running it will reset the register and clear the filter error and restart the days counting cycle. I have an RC112 maybe thats why when I return register 133 i get a -1.
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                  Thanks for doing the home work on this.

                  It seems that there should be a reset button added to the "Remaining Filter Days" device to reset the timer after you change the filter.

                  Also, an entry for the number of hours /days between filter changes added to the configuration screen.

                  It would be extremely helpful if someone with an omnistat 2 would confirm Dave's findings.

                  I am quite strapped for time right now. I am moving into a new condo that has zero HA infrastructure.

                  Dave, if you don't see any activity, ping this thread in thirty days.



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                    Ok good luck on your move...


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                      your immediate scripts work for finding and resetting the filter status. I am not a scripter and have been trying to make a short script to run to get the status of the filter and write the the new status after setting in a drop down box. I have not been able to get a small script to work. I was trying to read the register, I set up a new device with a drop down box and was going to get the value and write it to the register but have had no luck. Any suggestions, sorry for my lack of HS3 scripting.

                      Sub Main()
                      dim L
                      L=(hs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "GetRegister", new object[]{1,15}))
                      hs.WriteLog"Test","Value = ",L

                      End Sub


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                        Your scripts should be written in either VB.NET or C# so that they will be compatable with both LINUX and WINDOWS versions of HS. Here is the equivalent to your script in VB.NET.
                        Sub Main(Parms As Object)
                              Dim L As Int32
                              Dim args(1) As Object
                        	args(0) = 1
                        	args(1) = 15
                             L= hs.PluginFunction("Omnistat 3", "", "GetRegister", args) 
                             hs.WriteLog ("Test","Value = " & L)
                        End Sub
                        I write my scripts in C# which is supposed to perform better under LINUX. The immediate scripts which I provided are written in C#.


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                          Kirby, thanks I know your busy and appreciate that info. I will implement later this week.