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Amazon Home Automation API Support?

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    Amazon Home Automation API Support?

    Does this thermostat plugin support the new API Homeseer has added for Echo voice control integration?

    Rich says that the skill returns devices that support the following:

    For example, when you ask the Echo to "Discover your Devices", the discovery process only returns devices that have have the ControlUse property set for On,Off,Dim,thermost setpoint heat, thermostat setpoint cool, thermostat fan On, and thermostat fan auto.

    But it doesn't discover any devices owned by this plugin, even though the ControlUse property is set as described.

    Anyone using the Omnistat3 with Alexa successfully?

    I don't have an Echo so I have never tried it. In looking at the documentation that you provided, it is confusing. The documentation says that it looks for Thermostat Setpoint Cool. That is not an available control use. There is Cool Setpoint and Thermostat Cool. The plugin currently sets the control use to Cool Setpoint.

    Why don't you manually change the Cool Setpoint device for your thermostat to Thermostat Cool and see if it discovers it.

    Let me know the result.


      In looking at this closer it looks like thermostat cool is for the mode and not the setpoint.

      I wonder if the reason that the device is not recognized is because a couple of the device uses are not specified.
      You could try deleting the raise and lower selections from the setpoints.