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    Set Hold Mode

    I am using the HS2 plug-in for my RCS Serial Thermostat and don't seem to be able to set "Set Hold Mode" to "Hold" using an event.

    For testing, I created a Manual event with the action of Set Hold Mode: Hold.

    If the thermostat "Hold" is on "Normal" and I run the event, the thermostat still stays on "Normal".

    Any ideas on why?
    Last edited by cjrs27; August 23, 2007, 11:20 AM.

    When you get a chance, if you have a TR40-RS485 and use HS2, could you try making a manual event and see if you can use it to Set Hold Mode to Hold?

    Trying to figure out if it is my USB to RS232 converter...or what.
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      Just an update...I have submitted a Help Ticket on this issue.


        Did you get any response from HomeSeer Technologies?

        I've had an open ticket on this and other problems for 5 months now...