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Where are the docs for addressing RCS thermostat through scripts?

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    Where are the docs for addressing RCS thermostat through scripts?

    I can't find the documentation for the various function and procedure calls? Thanks.

    This information is in the HomeSeer SDK available via the HomeSeer updater.


      I may not have been clear in my original message. I want to get the numerical values for setpoint, actual temp, etc. from my RCS serial thermostat (using HSPI_RCSSERIAL.dll) in a script. There must be hs.variables to achieve this? Thanks.
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        I was just looking for the same thing when I saw your message. I ended up finding what I needed using the RCS X10 docs... along with those there is an XML file that lists all the plugin options like

        plugin.GetTemp(1, 1)
        plugin.CmdSetHeat(1, value, 1)

        Hope this helps someone.

        Another way to look inside a .net plugin and see what functions you can use is using LutZ Roeders Reflector which can be found here
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          I think this is what you're looking for - the thermostat API was pulled out of the SDK and was posted in this thread.

          I had cleaned up the formatting for my use - I've attached the word file.

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