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Thermostat advice for a new house

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    Thermostat advice for a new house

    I'm going to be moving into a new house in FL in the next few weeks and I'm trying to determine how to automate the thermostats. I don't have an automated thermostat in my current house, so I'm starting from scratch.

    The new house has three floors and two heat pumps and thermostats now - One for the thrid floor and one for the first and second floors.

    My first question is... is it worth trying to create two zones for the unit that handles two floors? The first floor isn't terribly large (half of it is taken up by the garage) and it only has one room and, a small half bath, and a hallway.

    Second, if I don't worry about setting up a second zone can I control both units with a two zone controller like the ZCV2 or could I use the ZCV4 to handle everything if I do set up another zone? If I can do that is there any advantage over getting seperate systems for each unit? It looks like the price would be similar either way.

    Finally, is there any advantage to going with the serial version over the Z-Wave version? I'm kind of inclined to go with the serial for reliability and cost, but one of my air handlers is on the third floor and one is on the first floor and I'm not sure that it's going to be too easy to run a wire from each of those to my HomeSeer computer. Are there any functions that I could do with serial that I couldn't with Z-Wave? I assume that HomeSeer will be able to handle two thermostats of either type. Any other reason to go with one over the other? I'm just going to be using them with HomeSeer if that makes a difference.

    Thanks much,