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Problems with T-stats

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    Problems with T-stats

    RCS Serial Thermostats Error in Poll Thread, Argument 'Start' must be greater than zero.

    6/26/2008 12:51:50 AM RCS Serial Thermostats

    I would recommend checking you cabling. This looks like some garbage is being transmitted on the serial stream.


      Thanks Rupp.

      I checked all of the wiring, and I even changed the RS 485 chip in the hub. It still is doing the same thing.

      The last item is to change the RS 485 to serial adapter. I need to order one, so it will tak.e a few days for it to get here.

      I will let you know if that works.




        TR40 Serial comm errors

        This is a typical non grounded error

        Comm errors are common on TR40's Serial interface when not using a shielded and grounded cable between the 'control unit' and the RS485/232 converter.

        Anything RS485 must be grounded to work properly; This scenario was tested in our labs over a period of 5 months on 2 TR40, 1 with ground and the other without and the ungrounded TR40 gave us 18 errors on average per day.



          This is great news. I've seen errors like this pop up for me, but I've ignored them because everything was still working fine. I'll rerun a cable this weekend that's shielded and grounded and see what happens.

          Thanks for the info!
          Joe (zimmer62)

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