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    version released to updater

    I'm guessing Rich doesn't have time at the moment to post about this, but a new version of the plug-in is available in the updater: version Rich has recently closed all of my support tickets on this after fixing various problems. Here are the changes I know about:

    1) The "heat setpoint" and "cool setpoint" are each set correctly every time.

    2) The "hold/run" status is now reported correctly.

    3) The plug-in page shows the date/time of the last update (data returned from the thermostat) for each thermostat.

    4) The HS device status has a new line of text that is "last update" which shows the date/time that data was returned from the thermostat.

    Note that this version does not change the device status to 'unknown' if a communication failure occurs. However, it is now possible to monitor the device status 'last update' text so the check can be made automatically with a script.

    If you use this new version, please post a note as to how well it works for you. I have not had any problems.

    Thanks very much Rich!

    I am running this new version under HS