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problems w/ RCS and Vista alarm panels

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  • Rupp
    What exactly is the issue with the RCS and the later versions of HomeSeer?

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    Guest started a topic problems w/ RCS and Vista alarm panels

    problems w/ RCS and Vista alarm panels

    I am so unhappy right now I'm not sure I can report the problem correctly. I have wasted countless hours researching and reinstalling that I might well physically hurt the people responsible for the lost hours of my life.

    working fine on HS2 2.3 something with RCS for a year, then added vista alarm and upgraded to 2.4. Since then ****!!! 2.4 doesn't recognize teh "Status" variable..

    Went back to 2.2.011 and had rcs work fine but no, the alarm plug requires 2.2.076. So went to 2.3 WTF, rcs is broke again. I have a business to run, I have no time for this amatuer ****. If you do, you need to get a life. This is maintenance stuff, not stop everything else your're doing, stop marketing, cleaning, paying, etc so I can trouble shoot some stupid bug. Feel a little better but not really because I need this stuff, if I didn't I wouldn't have paid for it.

    Any ideas? Sorry for the attitude but I really need that day of my life back, got a business, 4 kids, and a wife. This is somewhere down down the list, that's why I'm still here at 3:39am.

    If this is some stupid mistake on my part, so sorry. If it's HS or RCS, shame on you.