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problems w/ RCS and Vista alarm panels

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    problems w/ RCS and Vista alarm panels

    I am so unhappy right now I'm not sure I can report the problem correctly. I have wasted countless hours researching and reinstalling that I might well physically hurt the people responsible for the lost hours of my life.

    working fine on HS2 2.3 something with RCS for a year, then added vista alarm and upgraded to 2.4. Since then ****!!! 2.4 doesn't recognize teh "Status" variable..

    Went back to 2.2.011 and had rcs work fine but no, the alarm plug requires 2.2.076. So went to 2.3 WTF, rcs is broke again. I have a business to run, I have no time for this amatuer ****. If you do, you need to get a life. This is maintenance stuff, not stop everything else your're doing, stop marketing, cleaning, paying, etc so I can trouble shoot some stupid bug. Feel a little better but not really because I need this stuff, if I didn't I wouldn't have paid for it.

    Any ideas? Sorry for the attitude but I really need that day of my life back, got a business, 4 kids, and a wife. This is somewhere down down the list, that's why I'm still here at 3:39am.

    If this is some stupid mistake on my part, so sorry. If it's HS or RCS, shame on you.

    What exactly is the issue with the RCS and the later versions of HomeSeer?