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advice on upgrading to this plug-in?

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    advice on upgrading to this plug-in?

    Am thinking of upgrading from the old RCS Serial plug-in. Should I? What are the things I need to watch out for?

    I do realize I'll have some work to do like update my scripts (to calculate runtimes, etc.) and redo my events so am asking more about the stability of this plug-in (It gets cold where I live and HVAC is a critical system) and about any key features in the old one that aren't in the new one.

    Am running HS and have only one TR40 stat. Problem wise I have been getting an increasing amount of intermittent reports in my logs (from an event I created) of the stat having been set to 0 degrees for a few minutes - not something anyone or any event/script did, and it so far has always come back to report the actual setpoint after a few minutes (I haven't noticed if the stat actually goes to 0 or if it's just a comm burp along the way). Of course, this could be hardware related - and maybe the new plug-in will help me figure that out?. There are also bugs around reporting/knowing the hold mode in the current plugin and, of course, the messages at startup that a "property has been deprecated and should not be used" - suggesting I'm living on borrowed time?

    I browsed the forum a bit and it looks like most of the problems and bugs have been or are being worked out. Is that the case?

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

    Wow, the silence is deafening.

    Not sure whether no news is good news or bad news... Maybe I should look at a moving to a different thermostat to fix my problems?