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    Originally posted by lurendrejer View Post
    This plugin doesn't seem to work with Google home.
    The log gives an error: JSON controldevicebyvalue ref 0 not found - when adding the root device as a voice-device, and syncing to google home.
    Adding the child devices, doesn't do anything in the google home app.
    I don't use Google Home so I'm afraid I can't troubleshoot this very easily.
    The integration of the Thermostat API with HSTouch, HSMobile, Google Home and Alexa is a bit of a black art with little documentation and lots of conflicting information. I spent many hours around version playing around with Device_Types and ControlUse properties trying to get VStats better integrated with these technologies with some success. My VStats work with HSTouch and HSMobile although there are limitations because some of the VStat operations are beyond the scope of standard thermostats. However, I never managed to get the Homeseer Alexa Smarthome skill to discover a VStat as a thermostat. I actually use Alexa but with the Jon00 Alexa helper which allows me to set up and configure full interaction with my VStats without any of the limitations of what Homeseer and Alexa consider a thermostat to be, so that suits me better.

    My main interaction with VStats is through custom HSTouch screens which works really well. So whilst we can use voice commands my family, after some initial excitement, soon went off the idea and rarely speak to our thermostats now. We have tablets on the wall and much prefer to be able to see whats going on than keep asking Alexa. Mostly everything ticks along automatically anyway without any interaction required.

    What version of SDJ-VStat are you running and what version did you create your VStats? If you created the VStats a number of versions ago you might try using the rebuild button on one so that it rebuilds the group of devices with the latest thinking on Device_Types and ControlUse properties and then try syncing again.