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    The latest version incorporates 3 updates since the last release,, and This has been submitted to HS so should be in the updater in the next few days.

    The middle of these is a fairly major update which, to incorporate a new feature, involves a change to the data format stored within the SDJ-VStat root devices. It has been tested by myself and another user and should not cause any problems but it is always recommended that you backup your HS3 installation before any major upgrades. The change in data format also means that the VSTAT_Scheduler program is updated. If you use the Scheduler program for creating and editing schedules and you run it from somewhere other than the HS3 root directory you will need to replace it with the new version which is installed in the HS3 root directory by the update.

    The major update in is that you now have the option to select multiple temperature sensors for each VStat. The VStat can be configured to use the Lowest, Average or Highest temperature for the current temperature. You can of course still use a single temp sensor. The guide document has been updated to explain the new feature. This is installed in your Docs folder but is also attached to a sticky in the forum. changes the DeviceTypes and ControlUse properties of the various devices in an attempt to make them more compatible with Alexa and Google Home. However, I have had mixed results with this. New VStats will use the new properties but to change an existing VStat you need to click on the 'Rebuild VStat' button on the Config page. adds the ability to configure the time increment of the Boost option if the default 15 minutes does not suit.

    Let me know if there are any issues.