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Future request no internet situation

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  • fuzzysb
    Hi. I personally use the ultramon plugin for detecting internet connection etc... Is down. I can maybe put in a device into the house device block that shows the status if the plugin Comms fail. But it may take me a fair weeks now before I get around to it.

    As for communicating directly with the devices . This isn't possible. They use websockets to connect to the tado cloud service. So there is no easy way to change this for the service to create a websockets connection to the homeseer server instead. It would require custom firmware to be created which is too far above my expertise reverse engineering an embedded system firmware. And wouldn't be something that would work as a plug and play solution.

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  • Red64
    started a topic Future request no internet situation

    Future request no internet situation



    is it posible to add a value around the connection status to tado ?

    i have lost my internet connection today and would be nice to take automatic actions when losing connection with the tado servers.

    second question, is it posible to send commands directly to the tado devices outside the tado servers, just asking if ot is posible. I am thinking af writing small program to set emergency values tot devices.