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    "Report device not selected"

    What exactly does the warning (not error) "Report device not selected. " mean?

    I'm running ActiveBackup 2.0.10 and this is the first time I've seen this in the log; however, I will admit I don't look at my log as often as I should.

    The backup that occured after this warning proceeded normally and with success, plus the previous 4 (I have it set to save 5) backups were present and okay.

    You can specify a device (example D12) showing you the backup status.
    See "description" topic in this forum, for complete explanation.
    AB simply tells you that you haven't set a report device.

    Try it and let me know!


      Hmmm, I have a device, "^1", that contains the status of the last 5 backups. It's always been there. I think ActiveBackup created it because I doubt I would have made a device that started with a caret rather than a house code.

      I'll watch my log and see if this warning repeats.


        The ^1 is the default device created by ActiveBackup.
        In addition to this, you can create one device for each backupset.

        - Added device action option: When finished, report status to device
        In this way, you can, for example, report the success/fail status of the backup in device B1.
        If you have more than one backupset, you can specify report device for every backupset.
        The device will report the success/fail, by setting devicestring and value (0=fail 1=success 17=In progress) and the total time the backup process toked. You can use device value event to trig your own script or event in case, for example, the backup fails. The device
        MUST EXIST, otherwise it will be created with the name of the source folder.

        These devices are different from the default ^1 device.

        Try this:
        in your backup event, specify a free house code and device code (for example: +90) in the appropriate field.
        A new device will be created, reporting the status of your single backupset.


          You were right, it was me. I went through the event and I see where it has a place to put the report device, which I had blank but have since filled in.

          Told ya I don't look at my log as often as I should. That warning was no doubt there every time the backup ran and I just didn't see it.


            and Buon Natale!