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    Install/Setup instructions

    i installed the plugin and went to the setup/interfaces and made it active. i clicked on config and checked the detailed box and apply, but where do i put the path information?
    i created a manual event and Active back up was on the device list as compressed only but no where to enter path info.
    i ran the event and don't see any path info on the log. it just says Active backup is on.

    follow this link, and let me know if you still having problems!
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      ActiveBackup Problem

      That choice is not on the action list. the only one there is ActiveBackup Plugin:Last compressed backups.
      i tried to install the plugin again but it is still the same.

      Cancel all of that.
      I figured it out.


      I am on the Homeseer 30 trial. If I decide to keep using it your donation will be forthcoming.
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        You need to create an event.
        Then, click the action tab
        Then, from the list of possible actions, you may have to find Make a backup
        Select it and fill the appropriate options!

        Wellcome to the HS2 world!