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    After 2 years of pretty bullet-proof operation my HSPRO box (basically a solid state PC running HS) had an OS corruption.

    I have reinstalled the as-release Operating System and out of the box HS.

    the good news: I have daily backups using activebackup going back a month. the less good news: I do not know how one ought best to restore from the backup! is it just an XCOPY? or is there something cleverer?

    my backup is as i recall (it's2 years since i set it up....) of the hs directory and all subdirectories.


    Recently Z-Seer 1.11 trashed my system (went back to 1.6) and I had to restore a backup. After re-installing Z-Seer 1.6 in hopes the registry would be identical to the registry when the backup was done, I merely deleted the HS directory and then un-zipped the entire backup file set to the HomeSeer directory. The first time I ran HS I got a short pop-up window saying it was 'installing', but then everything came up running. For some reason the startup.txt script file wasn't intact, but everything else was fine.

    You might open a help ticket with HST to get their advice.

    By the way, the ActiveBackup plug-in is no longer supported althought it seems to work with HS I moved to BLBackup and have had excellent results.