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Option keeps getting "un checked" ?

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    Option keeps getting "un checked" ?

    For some reason... once or twice a year..

    In BLAlarm options tab

    The BLReminder / Enable interface check box becomes unchecked.... (The alarmclock went off this morning at 5:50... and i definately have THanksgiving set up as a holiday.)

    I checked the BLAlarm option page.. and sure enough... the box is unchecked..

    This seems to happen a once or twice a year..... i set the box... and it will work for the next six months to a year or so... but then it will become "unchecked" somehow... and the alarm ends up going off unexpectedly on a holiday. (Labor Day, Fourth of July , etc...)

    ( note: all the alarms are still in system... so i don't think it is losing the config file.)

    Two questions...:
    1. Any idea why this would uncheck?
    2. is there a script or other way i can programatically set the option? (eg... could i set an event to enable interface .. if so.. i could just run that every day)

    I'm curious about #1 above.. but if there is a solution that addresses #2... that would work perfectly.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


    Andrew B.