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    • Create backups of multiple backup directories using one zip file or maintin the folder tree structure.
    • User can configure a device code for each backup directory to keep track of the status of the backup for the directory. The device values are as follows: 0 - Fail, 1 - Success, 17 - In Progress
    • The number of backups to keep can be specified for each backup directory.
    • User can specify whether to include the sub directories for each backup directory.
    • The user can select the frequency of each backup directory (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Once Only).
    • The user can also assign a global backup device code to the plug-in that will keep track of the entire backup process.
    • The user can assign the backup folder where all backups will be stored.
    • The user can specify the process priority of the backup process.
    • The user can also specify whether to create a backup log for the process.
    • All backup logs can be accessed through the plug-in web pages (if activated by the user).
    • User can specify the zip compression level for the backups.
    • User can specify the zip password for the zip archives.
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