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Backing up the same folder multiple ways

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  • Backing up the same folder multiple ways

    I put in an enhancement request on your website. Unless I am missing something it is not possible to backup the same directory in multiple ways.

    For instance I want to backup c:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3, but I would like to take a full backup multiple times per week, an incremental backup multiple times between full backups, a weekly backup and a monthly backup, all with different retention policies. The program would automatically put each of these in their own subfolder on the destination drive, but the configuration does not allow the same source directory to be used more than once.

    Am I missing something?
    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

    PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino

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    I see the request.
    I do not think it will do that currently.
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      Has there been any development on this request ?

      I'm also looking for options to do/keep 3 daily backup of a specific directory AND also do/keep 4 weekly backup of the SAME directory



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        Sorry I have not done anything with this one yet
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          I was hoping to use this tool to create daily-weekly-monthly backups of the same folders.... I can't seem to figure out how... anyone have an example?

          Also do I need to create an event to run this or does it run by itself?

          Thanks for sharing



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            Event driven backups.....

            Okay I now see it can be completed as an HS3 event.... I will just have to figure out how to only have a 10 backups FIFO... unless the tool runs stand alone mode

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              How did this work?

              I set up a daily full backup of the HS3 directory to a flash drive and then configured a backup and one event for each directory Bin, Config, Data, html, logs and scripts directories to my NAS. This will allow the FIFO to work and accomplish backup of the same files in two different locations.