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Plugin BLBackup is not responding but it is still running, not restarting yet.

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  • Plugin BLBackup is not responding but it is still running, not restarting yet.

    My system slowed to a crawl in responding..when I checked the message above was in the HS3 log--the same message posting every minute. On the computer screen was a notice saying the BLBackup had crashed, did I want to close the program.

    First time I've had this happen... it started per the log at 2p today when a backup should have kicked off, then had these notices every minute til I caught the problem.

    Ideas? I'm concerned that the plugin wasn't restarted even tho' the crash message was on the monitor screen.

    When I went into Manage Plugins, it reported BLBackup was disconnected. I was able to disable it, then enable it...seems fine now.


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    This morning the HS3->Plugins->Manage menu won't come up...just says Waiting...and nothing appears on the screen.

    I have eight plug-ins..I can use the Plugins menu to get to seven of them but when I choose the BLBackup from there, I also get the Waiting message and nothing appears. On the main server screen it says HSPI_BLBackup has stopped working and I have to choose close the program to go on. Once I do that, I can access the Plugin main Manage menu again. On the Manage page, the BLBackup is listed as Critical-Disconnected, but after a minute or so then restarts and has an ok status. If HS3 would do this itself without my clearing the error on the server main PC screen, we'd be ok..but needing to manually intervene to get this working again is unsatisfactory.

    I have a 2% load on the server with 80% of the 9Gig memory free. The server has been up only 3 days (had to reset it when the last backup hung). There is no entry in the log indicating anything is wrong.

    I'm going to have to disable this plugin since it's acting up like this such that I can't even bring up the main Manage menu.


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      I have seen BLBackup crash as well. This is odd because no changes have been to it so I need to see if something in any new HS3 version is causing this.
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