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    Frequency Setting

    I have two back-ups set-up. One is Daily frequency. One is Weekly on Monday frequency.

    I then set up an Event that runs both of these Back-ups every morning.
    I was thinking the Plug-in had smarts in it for day of week since it was part of the settings.
    I was surprised to see the Monday back-up had run today (Sunday).

    So, does the Frequency setting really do anything?

    Or do, I need to control everything with the Event and have multiple events?

    Btw. there maybe a bug in the report that gets emailed. I got two emails for the two back-ups. The subjects were different, but the second attachment on the email was the same as the one.


    having a similar issue. Have frequency set up as monthly but its backing up daily. It is keeping only right number of backups but not the frequency.