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Extremely large Log File

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    Extremely large Log File

    I assume I am doing something wrong here!

    I have HS3 with a trial version of BL Chart. I have set up about a dozen Device String type devices and one On/Off type device. The PI was installed about two weeks ago and the Log file is enormous - 18 GB. (I do have Debug Logging and DB Logging turned on). Is this what you would expect? Seems like a very large amount of data.

    Thanks for your help,

    Blade's usually pretty quick about responding, but I can tell you from the few times he's had me generate a debug log file in some other plugins you don't want to leave that thing on for any length of time. Best to only run when asked to. It generates a lot of data.

    HS3, W10 Home, HSTouch, W800, Z-Stick+


      Thanks for feedback.

      When I originally installed the PI, I was having some difficulty (which I believe really results from not fully understanding the capabilities) and turned on the debug log.

      At 18GB, I actually couldn't even see what was in the log file. I dumped the log file and simply let the PI run for 10-15 minutes so I could inspect the messages.

      And you are right - lots of data collects quickly. I was able to get a sense of what the PI is doing and have turned off the logging.

      Again, thanks for your feedback!