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Disambiguating processes with the same names? Overall CPU / memory triggers?

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  • AgileHumor
    Doesn't work for me either if I have multiple FFMPEG processes. No PID is shown

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  • Disambiguating processes with the same names? Overall CPU / memory triggers?

    Hi @Blade,

    2 questions if I may.

    1. How can I tell the plugin to attach to a particular instance of an executable (I can't use PID because it changes after each restart)? My 2 use cases are:

    a) when I start Chrome, it launches several chrome.exe processes and the plugin always seems to pick the PID of the one that is not the one which "go to process" for the chrome application goes to when I select the application in Task Manager and select "go to process". Applications and Processes tabs of the Task Manager are shown in the screen shots attached.

    b) I have 2 cmd.exe windows each running a node.exe process (and a third cmc.exe running a java process -- I know I can just monitor java for that one) but no way to tell them the node.exe executables apart other than the name of the command window (you can see them in the minimized window titles in the screen shot attached)

    2. How can I get the plugin to trigger the overall machine's available memory goes below a certain threshold (or used memory goes above a threshold) or if the overall machine's CPU usage goes above a certain threshold for x seconds/minutes?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, you may recall I am a Mac guy, so simple windows things are not obvious to me . If its not possible, no worries, I am just trying to keep track of system performance for the debugging we are doing on BLGData, thought this might be helpful to use and ran into these questions.


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