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BLDatabase Plugin Gone

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    BLDatabase Plugin Gone

    ? (questionmark)

    In the HS Shop I see this plugin as "Free for HS Pro users" without the ability to purchase it.

    It doesn't show in the HS updater either, even though all other "free for HS Pro users" plugins are in the list.

    It's crazy that stuff like this stays in the shop.
    What a mess.

    Q: For HS4 on Linux: are there any other DB write plugins/scripts?

    Can't help with the plugin but possibly this thread will help for writing SQL via scripts. I did notice that it was written in 2.0. This may no longer be supported.

    I manage my wine cellar with Homeseer/HSTouch. I am happy to share all I have and if you Private Message me, I will zip all the scripts I can and send them your way.