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  • Reading out a reminder

    When I set up something in my calendar, I usually have a reminder set up at a particular time. So if it's taking the garbage out it's a reminder 12hrs prior to the event taking place (when the garbage is usually picked up), or 1/2hr before my little girl has dance class...etc... Now is there a way for BLGData/HS to speak the calendar event when the reminder is due? For example:

    5pm 13-Feb-17 - Meeting with Mark
    Reminder: 1hr

    Is there a way to have HS speak "Meeting with Mark" at 4pm on 13-Feb-17? If this is possible this would have a huge WAF and for me too.

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    Is this possible? Household reminders are a big thing with our house and right now we have a tablet that will chime when google announces a reminder, to which we have to check and see what it is. If this could be done through HS and announced it would be awesome!


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      Currently there is a bug in the handler portion of the plugin that prevents a handler from running if the run before offset is so far back that it's the day before. I do not think that there is a way to run an event based on a calendar reminder though. There is the scripting function GetCalendarEvents though.
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