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    Originally posted by integlikewhoa View Post
    I got that, but I would need two (mine and wife's) gmail account.
    Gotcha, it might be something that Bob can fix, but last time I tried the plugin it just didn't. it let you add the second user but it only ever showed the calendars for the first user added.


      Originally posted by integlikewhoa View Post
      Thanks for the replay. I'm sure my trial will expire before this is working.

      I saw some people in the past were using RSS feed out of the google Calendar into an RSS feed plugin and being able to read it in the AM threw HS3. But after working on that I learned google Calendar stopped the XML RSS feed function around a year ago. So I really thought this plugin would fill that gap.

      I'm open for other ideas also.
      I currently use Tasker from my Android phone to read my calendar and control a couple of virtual devices that way (using the Tasker plugin but you could just do it with json as readily) so it could most likely be done that way.


        Originally posted by Blade View Post
        Ah now I see what you are want to do.
        I have an issue with the plugin right now that I am working on fixing first before I can even think about any feature requests. This one would take some work to pull off
        Any update on this?



          No I have not added this yet
          I have been away for a while on vacation and am just getting back
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