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Handler just stopped working

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    Handler just stopped working

    I have a handler that runs every Friday at 5 am to 8 am. It has worked without fail for weeks on end now. Today it did not work. The plugin is active, handlers worked yesterday, no server change... so I cannot figure it out. I looked in the logs and the event entry for the 5 am is just not in the log but the end of the handler at 8 am is in the log. I looked for a detailed log but cannot find one and there are no error entries in the log.

    How do I track down what happened?

    HS3Pro & HS4Pro on Win2012R2
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    I'd try it with another calendar entry or the same entry and adjust the time to when you're experimenting. If it doesn't work enable debug logging in the plugin and run the experiment again. Then turn off debug logging. At the root HS3 folder there will be a file called BLGData log detailed or some such. File a report on Blade's site with it and a description.
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    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


      Another Broken Handler

      I too am experiencing a couple handlers that both worked flawlessly and now don't fire at all. Both of these handlers quit working after changing the schedules in my calendar. One fired twice daily (start of my work shift, then end of my work shift), and the other was a week-long event. Both are now dead after the schedule change. I have started logging to capture the one daily event to hopefully find the problem.