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stop/start plugin when new item added to calendar

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    stop/start plugin when new item added to calendar

    Hi Bob,

    Just checking to see if this is working as designed or if there is a problem.

    I have a handler that works on the days I needed. This past week I needed an extra day so I added it to the calendar just like the other days it works.

    When the day came, it did not work. The next day the same one already scheduled from long ago did work.

    Wondering if I did something weird I set it up again on another day and it did not work. Next I set it up on yet another day but this time I stopped and restarted the plug in. This time when that day came up, it worked.

    If you change your calendar do you have to stop and restart the plugin or should it pick up any new predefined handlers without stopping and restarting?


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    I will check into this one - it should not have to be restarted - that is odd but I will look into it. I will hopefully have some time this weekend to look into a few issues with the plugin
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