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Why do I have to keep confirm access to my google calendar

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    No errors at all in the log, but I can see that my device where I display the info has not updated, and the email has not been sent. (My event updates a virtual device and also sends an email with my events)

    Strange that there is no error message at all.

    I am sure when I get back home and check my HS3 PC there will be the pop up again with the authorise access etc


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      There was the usual message, allow hs3 access etc. I clicked allowed as usual. The event ran the next morning, i received the email but the events had not updated, nor has my virtual device displaying my calendar events. No error message in the log either. Is there a debug mode for BLGdata i could enable to see why data is not being pulled in from my calendars ? I have not changed these events, nor anything on my calendars or password its just not updating any events fro my calendars

      After turning the PI off and back on again, and the obilgatory allow access popup at least its all working again.
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