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Handler offset values does not work

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  • Handler offset values does not work

    The commands in the handler work if it is the exact same time of my calendar event. But the offset values do not ( and that was the purpose of this plugin for me). ( would like to add 1-7 days** before reminders too)

    + is it possible to send a command directly to a sonos speaker ? without creating an envent in hs for this?

    my sonos speakers is this $SONOS$Everywhere$

    thank you

    edit: it works with sonos with the folowing in the handler: HS[SpeakClient~This is a test~$SONOS$Everywhere$]

    just need an option to put offset values whenever i want.
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    Can you capture me a debug log of the offset not working and let me know what event was supposed to trigger
    Attach the debug log zipped

    Show me a screenshot of the offset as well
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      Hiu Blade,

      i will post them tomorow.

      But in resume, what would be nice to have are the same option of blreminder, but for blgdata. I do not mind paying for both plugin, but would like to enter the event in the calenda just one time.. and not two times ( in google calendar, and blcalendar).

      Would it be possible to transfer a google calendar to blreminder? or add an option ((n day, n hours , n minutes) *3-4 times ) before the events in blgdata directly?


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        I am having the same issue. THe events fire. However, it totally ignores the offset time. What logs and where are they that you want to see?


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          The debug log is in the HS3 root and is called BLGData-Detailed.log

          You need to zip it and attach it to a help desk ticket on my web site
          A screenshot of your handler would be good too

          If you are using the newest build, check this out

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            log file has been posted to my ticket.


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              For the record I have had this issue in the past but with subsequent updates following me providing debug logs it seems to be largely squashed. As of today the offset is respected for me. I do on occasion have the end time not be respected but it's so intermittent that it's all but impossible to capture a good log. Fortunately the failure is infrequent.
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