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    I have two users setup correctly and i can see all of the calendars for each user (some overlap because they are shared). I created an HS3 event called "work" that simply sends me an email with the date & time. I can run this by hand without issue.

    I then tried to create the handler to trigger that event but i can't get it to fire. so here are a few questions.

    My Calendar has events called "@Work" with a start & end time.

    Trigger Phrase: I placed the name of the calendar event here: "@Work".

    Before/After commands:
    HS[RunEvent~Calendar Events work]
    (tried full & short name just to see if either would work).

    I clicked the test button, but nothing seems to happen. I did watch the Youtube video as well as read the help page, if anyone can help that would be great!

    Turn on debug logging in the plugin and then capture you clicking the test button. Then turn off debug logging and attach the BLGData-Detailed.log zipped here and I will take a look
    It is in the HS3 root folder

    I will be out tonight and will not have a time tonight but I should be able to take a look at it tomorrow night
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      So last night after posting, I removed my user info and just left my wife's as we share all of the kids/family calendars. i then restarted the HS3 PC and then the test button started working. However, the time offset didn't work. The calendar event start time was 7am est, and my test email arrived at the start time (not the off set time before).

      I made the log file you requested but i posted it on your helpdesk in a ticket (1103).