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How do I uninstall this plugin?

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  • How do I uninstall this plugin?

    Clicking on the red X in the plugin management screen does nothing.

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    I second this unanswered request. I could never get the plugin to work right. I found a workaround to my needs and no longer need the plugin. Using red "X" on the "Manage Plug-Ins" page does indeed removes the plugin from actively running list. However, this action does absolutely nothing to uninstall the plugin, along with a multitude of individual files in various directories, which were originally installed by the plugin. I did what I could to manually remove every file that had BLData in its name. However, there are a bunch of files in html directory with Google in their names. I can't think of another plugin that may have installed it. But then again, I do have location-based plugins that utilize reverse geopositioning by Google.

    So... In the absence of an uninstaller, may I please have a list of files and directories created by this plugin, so that I can do a clean uninstall?


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      Look in the install.txt file in the plugin folder under the Updates3 folder in HS3
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        Originally posted by Blade View Post
        Look in the install.txt file in the plugin folder under the Updates3 folder in HS3
        Sorry, but there is no file by that name there...


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          Look in the Updates3 folder. There will be a folder for each plugin that you have installed. For plugins that you have had for a while there will probably be multiple folders as the folder will have the plugin name and the version number.

          Go into the folder for the plugin you want to uninstall. There will be a file called install.txt. The install file is a list of what HS installed for that plugin.
          You can go through it line by line to make sure all the files are gone. Some of the install lines will be zip files. It will show you which directory that zip file was unzipped to.
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            I'm afraid that folder has already been deleted, along with everything else named BLGData...