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Add WiFi to your Betabrite using ESP8266

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    Originally posted by Moskus View Post
    spud , would you think that this also would work?
    I first tested with one of these, the problem is that this thing is a female DB9 and if you had your betabrite connected to a PC, you usually used a female DB9 connector at the end of the Betabrite cable. So I remember I bought a DB9 male to male adapter, but then the TX/RX connections were reversed. In the end I don't remember if I finally got it to work this way (but in theory, it's possible), and since I wanted to go WiFi only on my betabrite, I didn't need the DB9 connection at all so I bought the max3232 logic level converter without any connector and soldered cables on it (which was a real pain because the converter is really tiny)


      OK, thanks for the input. I got RJ12 to DB9 connectors, so I guess I'll be able to just swap the RX and TX. But I'll get some max3232 logic converts as well to just follow your guide.
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        Can you send command / messages to the sign thru MQTT, or does it require some other software? I see it works with homeseer, but sadly I do not use that, I have something else, but still would love to use this method, even if from a linux command line script. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.