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Problems with USB sign

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    Problems with USB sign

    I'm using BLLED with two signs but have run into a couple of problems.

    On the BB Prism (USB) I cannot get "DisableMessage" to work. It seems to have no affect although
    it works fine on my serially connected sign. This means I cannot blank the USB sign.

    "QueueMessage" - This will queue messages to both signs but time specifier doesn't seem to do anything
    and both signs seem to continue displaying after the specified time.

    Is there a way to reset the plugin and start from fresh in case this is just a glitch with my setup?
    I've deleted the ini files in \config and re-added the signs a couple of times now but with no joy.

    FYI - I've used SteveA's SnevlBB with my HS2 setup for years (its awesome) and currently its the LED
    sign setup that's delaying my reluctant move over to HS3. When I revert back to HSPRO, both signs
    function as they always have so there are no issues with com ports or sign connections.
    Note although SnevlBB doesn't support USB signs, I use its message and queue generating functions to simply
    send commands to the Prism's command line program 'Prismcomm.exe' which works a treat.

    Any help appreciated

    What happens if you just set the message to a space instead of using DisableMessage? Perhaps that would blank it.


      Nope. Unfortunately when you send a space you get the 'Starburst' animation every couple of seconds. It even does that with its command line exe.

      Unfortunately the command line programs docs don't tell you how to blank the sign either. A few years back I actually managed to pull enough code out of the source code to make a new exe that will blank the USB sign, but it would be nice just to be able to disable the message with BLLED properly.


        DisableMessage still not working of USB

        Okay, I get it, QueueMessage does appear to work as long I have pre-existing messages that it replaces already setup.

        "DisableMessage" however on my USB Prism does not appear to work though.
        In my setup it works fine with the serially connected sign but it has no affect on the USB sign.

        Should I post a bug report here or is there somewhere else ?