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Mutiple signs ethernet issue

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  • Mutiple signs ethernet issue

    I am using two Betabrite signs with Wi-Fi, it is setup in the plugin for Wi-Fi and the signs are hooked up with a Global Cache Wi-Fi to serial module. I used them in HS2 that way with another plugin and I could send the message to both signs at once.

    When I create a event in HS3, it has the command to send the message to all signs but when I try to pick that command it will not collapse the fields like when you satisfy all the requirements a command needs in event. I can not manual close it either. If I try to run it that way I get a error in the log. If I pick just any one of the signs it runs just fine. It does not make any difference of the type of message sent, seem specific to the plugin selection. Any ideas why this happens? The error is below.

    Event LED Sign DisplayTime plugin action failed:Input string was not in a correct format.