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    Displaying device string

    I'm trying out this plug in on my Beta Brite and cant seem to have a device string show up properly on the Beta Brite. For some reason it is showing some html padding info before and after the text. If I look at the string value in the device it is plain text not showing this formatting stuff. Any thoughts?

    This is displayed on the Beta Brite:
    <span style="vertical-align:middle; padding:3px;">TEST DEVICE</span>

    Just a follow up, I tried using the BLTouchStrings to remove the html code but it doesn't appear to work(unless I'm not using the script correctly). I also tested this on other device strings and it looks like it may be a limitation of the plug to parse the device string. Unfortunate as this seemed to be a nice plug in....


      Hi bmore - I'm no expert and not sure if you've just found a bug in the plugin but I've been using device strings on my 3 signs for somewhile without a problem.

      In my scripts I set the device string with a value as follows:
      hs.SetDeviceString(332, sNumber, True) 'The sNumber variable can be any valid text only string in my case its a caller ID number, but you can just replace with anything in quotes e.g. "example"

      Obviously the 332 will be the Reference ID for the device you're changing.

      I then queue a message to the Betabrite straight from the HS3 event. The Queue message event would have something like this in BLLED text box of the event :
      {color=green} Call {color=red} $devicestring[333] {color=green} $devicestring[332] {transition=compressedrotate}

      Device string gets replaced with the string you set with hs.SetDeviceString