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    I am transitioning from my LEDAM (HS2) setup to (HS3)BLLED.

    I have two signs both serial connected. One of the signs always says initialize on the Maintain LED Sign page. Both have been initialized and receiving messages. ? A few times one of the signs would be numbered -1 on the Sign page and it is not able to be opened to edit. Modifying the INI to remove the corruption and re-adding the sign resolved for now.

    All logging options checked, but the log never displays any messages from the sign. Is that the case for everyone ?

    I entered a few test messages for each individual sign using the Text Labels and Strings. the message load on the sign. The text Transition formatting tags do not get applied to the msgs,however. The msg are continually scrolling, snowing, wiping left etc etc. ??

    Can you set duration or priority with scripting? Do you just load all your mgs and enable and disable with script or events?

    How to you determine string size?

    I an just a bit confused with the Labels. Now there are Labels A-Z that can be defined on the individual sign AND there are Labels that can also get defined under the Messages tap. If an event is run to enable or disable Label A, for example, which msg would be disabled the one defined on the sign of the one defined under messages?