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Event Trigger - Store log entry in device

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    Event Trigger - Store log entry in device

    I cannot seem to figure out what format to enter the device code in the field "Device Code to store log file data" in my event. The event triggers properly, but the log entry is never stored in my device. I have tried just the address, just the device code, both the address and device code (technology address), and the reference ID.

    Any tips? Thank you in advance.

    I'm also trying to figure that out.
    I created a virtual device to hold the string from the log file. Then I had to learn about variables (this is my first foray into this realm of HS).
    Virtual devices don't have a device code, so I gave it one (in the device utility edit page) -- $$DTC:Q999:
    I use Pushover so that HS can talk to my phone. I put the device reference / string in the message body -- $$DTR:104:

    To test it, I cause an error, which triggers BLLogMonitor. But I don't see the string that I should (only a test string that I put in).

    Note that I have a ZeeS2. In the Monitor's options, I have "Monitor HomeSeer Log" checked. It's certainly seeing the line that I want it to see, but it's not saving it to the device.

    How do I get it to work as expected?


      Log a help desk ticket on my site
      Capture a debug log of this and attach the BLLogMonitor-Detailed.log zipped to the ticket
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