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capture log text and send in email?

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  • capture log text and send in email?

    I have an event that sends me an email whenever there is a failed znet device notification, looking for the appropriate log using BLlog to kick off the event. Looks like this in the log:
    Dec-18 3:13:52 PM email Email successfully sent to
    Dec-18 3:13:51 PM Event Event Trigger "System Actions and Notifications Failed Znet device"
    Dec-18 3:13:51 PM Z-Wave Error Failed sending Z-Wave command to device: Laundry Room Light Overhead
    what i'd love is to also have the actual device name in the email that is sent to me. any way to capture this in the log and send?

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    Blade ?, Anybody?


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      You will have to wait for Blade to answer. UltraJones’ UltraLog3 provides global variables captured in a log trigger that can be used in messages. From the manual:

      When the UltraLog3 Log Match triggers, the following HomeSeer variables are updated:
      1. LogType – Contents the HomeSeer log type.
      2. LogMessage – Contents the HomeSeer log message.

      I think Jon00 provides similar in his. I don’t know if Blade provides variables.
      Randy Prade
      Aurora, CO

      PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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        Thanks Randy!