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HS Log Rollover (HS2)

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    HS Log Rollover (HS2)

    Just a note for others using this plugin..

    I LOVE THE PLUGIN.. but i think i found an unintended issue/Feature... with the interaction between HS2Pro and this plugin

    I had noticed when i installed this a year or so ago... that my log file quit rolling at midnight.. (used to have a new file each day... but with BLLogfilemonitor it kept growing.)

    Not a problem.. .. so i thought...

    But.. observation leads me to believe that HS doesn't like LARGE log files... when it got into the 10's of MB's.. i started getting some odd errors...

    WebServer stopped... Zwave died.. etc..

    Don't think it is a homeseer problem per se..... i think the log process would lock up and stall the machine and cause issues.

    I was having to reboot about once or twice a day to get things back to normal..


    I deleted the log file .. (started fresh).. and it has run for 5 days without incident.

    Long term solution (aside from switching to HS3)..

    Made two events
    11:59 PM
    Execute immediate script

    12:01 AM
    Execute Immediate Script

    I think this will allow the log to Rollover/Prune itself.

    I had been fighting the random lockup/errors for a couple months now... and it kept getting more and more frequent..

    Pruning the log file (startover with log file) seems to have fixed it for the last 5 days...

    I'm thinking the log off/ log on will keep it from coming back.


    Andrew B.