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Initial setup on HS3

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  • Initial setup on HS3

    Having a little setup challenge, which surely is end-user error. I've added the plug-in in HS3 Pro (.280) on Win7 Pro box, enabled debug, enabled 'monitor HomeSeer log' and set log file #1 to point specifically to HS3\Logs\HomeSeerLog.hsd' (and variations of this as I try to make it work for me). The log shows v2.0.8.0 initialized, debug and monitoring enabled.

    I've setup an event as 'Log Contains', manually specified Log#1 (initial round had just the HS3 log enabled without specifying the path) and copied/pasted from the log entries the string I'm looking for as a plain text string with no surrounding qualifiers. I've left the Device Code field empty. When I see the entry come into the log (in my case, from a button push), it doesn't fire the corresponding event and I don't see any debug info coming from the log monitor.

    I'll keep experimenting but thought I'd float this out to the experts in case I'm missing the incredibly obvious. Thanks! Cheers, Matt

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    I believe there is a different way to select you want to use the HomeSeer log in the plugin
    I will need to check when I get home because I do not have that one on my system
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