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No sensors or active zones have been assigned to BLRadar

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    Just happened to me. I have lost all my motion sensors in BLRadar.
    Strange but I can't add them as "New" motion sensors either because the old motion sensors are missing from the drop down

    I added a new Z-Wave motion sensor (Removed an old one that BLRadar knew about and re-added it). That seems to have been the trigger.
    Now I could see the newly added motion sensor but none of the old ones.

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing the plug-in but that didn't work

    How can I get BLRadar to "re-see" the motion sensors again - or how can I reset the system back to initial install?


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      Update: My old BLRadar.xml file is 34K - when I opened it there is NO TEXT in there. The new one I created after DID have text in there.
      It seems removing a Z-wave motion sensor from the ZWave HomeSeer menu without first removing it from BLRadar blanked out my BLRadar.xml file yet BLRadar somehow still thinks the old devices are there in the database because I can't re-add the old motion sensors.

      The killer effect is that all motion sensors stop working...



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        So you are saying you deleted a zwave device in HS3 and that is when you saw the plugin xml file emptied?
        Can you attach your xml file you are trying to load now so I can see it
        Zip it
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