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  • Activity Zone Triggered events

    What am I doing wrong here?

    My Objective is to turn certain lights on, but only at night, when certain Activity Zones go active. However, I want the Activity Zones to reflect status 24/7. For example, driveway lights come on, but only at night, when the Driveway Zone (multiple sensors) goes active.

    • The Activity Zones work when any associated sensor is triggered, and turn off when they are supposed to.
    • The Event triggers when the Office Activity Zone goes active.

    It just doesnt pay any attention at all to the "and if" nightime part. It triggers no matter what time of day it is.

    I am running v2.0.130.0 of the plugin
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    Did you ever fix this? I have a different problem with an activity zone triggered event. Wondering if these are related?


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      Originally posted by borat View Post
      Did you ever fix this? I have a different problem with an activity zone triggered event. Wondering if these are related?
      Yes, I created a virtual device with events to turn it on and off based on time of day. Then I used the status of the virtual device in my "AND IF" clause.

      Its a convoluted way to get there, but it works.
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          My events don't seem to fire when run through BLRadar. I have the virtual device created for Active zone and when motion is detected, it changes the virtual device to Active Zone On. In my event, I have the same setup where the event should fire when the virtual device changes to Active Zone On but the event never triggers or fires.

          I can do this successfully not using BLRadar but would like to use the Active Zone feature of BlRadar but without events firing this won't be very useful.



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            Can you post a screenshot of your event
            Also, turn on debug logging and then trigger the event to run, turn off debug logging and attach the BLRadar-Detailed.log file zipped
            It is in the HS3 root folder
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              I just noticed something, my event is setup to trigger on Active Zone on, but when I collapse the configuration, I see the following:

              BLRadar: Sensor Change(Sensor: Kitchen Occupancy is Echo)

              So this is looking for Echo and not Active Zone on. Let me see why this may be selecting Echo instead of Active Zone On.


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                That did the trick, I switched it to Active Zone Off and then back to Active Zone on and that changed the text to be correct. Active Zone triggering is now working again. Just strange that the dropdown showed one value where the collapsed text showed something else.