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Install/Update of package BLRadar failed

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  • Install/Update of package BLRadar failed

    I am a long time user of your plugins (BLRadar, BLDenon, BLLock, BLRfid, BLLock). I appreciate them very much. I try to be current with the versions, but I always have issues installing them, regardless of which plugin. In the past, I thought it was due to Norton security, so I switched to Windows Defender. This is making no difference. So, my question is: Can your plugins be updated by a different method other than the Manage Plugins page? Thanks.

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    I am having the same issue with BLRadar and BLRF. I get the message of "Install/Update of package BLRadar failed." with each attempt.


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      What version of HomeSeer are you one? I noticed that since upgrading to 368, updating plug-ins has gotten hairy. The plug-in page is not playing nice. I think this is fixed in one of the latest beta releases.

      Beyond that....
      I just tried updating BLRadar. And had an issue because I forgot to turn it off first. I did that but it still did not update. Log says something about checking if it it still running. So, I keep it turned off and restart HomeSeer. Once HomeSeer is back up, I tried the update of BLRadar again. This time it worked fine.

      I have had this issue in the past with various plug-ins where they do not update because HomeSeet cannot get it shutdown cleanly. A restart of Homeseer seems o solve the issue.


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        To update them you're going to need to disable the plugin and restart HS first.
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          Yes I am seeing this as well but only on the Windows side. Linux updates just fine once you disable the plugin
          Even with the EXE not running it will complain which is very odd
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