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BLRadar cannot see DSC Security Zones managed by BLDSC......

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  • BLRadar cannot see DSC Security Zones managed by BLDSC......

    I just upgraded from the Homeseer DSC security plugin to the BLDDSC plugin. The Homeseer DSC plugin had been acting up a bit, so I decided to give Blade's DSC plugin a try. Since I have a number of DSC motion sensors, I attempted to get them connected to my BLRadar plugin so that these new motion sensors could be used to trigger motion and occupancy in the various rooms in my home. I was somewhat surprised when I went to select a new DSC motion sensor in BLRadar, and none of my BLDSC motion sensors were visible in the dropdown list. Obviously, Blade would ensure that his plugins would work well with each other, so I have obviously missed something in the configuration of the motion sensor zones in the BLDSC plugin. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    After looking closer at the list of devices in BLRadar, I realized that the devices were not listed in Floor-Room-Device order. They were just listed using Room-Device, and of course, I was focussed on the Floor, which was Security, and when I didn't see that, assumed that they were not in the list. This is what I get for working on my project so early on a holiday morning! LOL!