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  • Control of active zone status

    Is there a method, whether by script or event, to reset the status of an active zone to off prior to the motion sensor wait time?

    For example, when a user leaves the zone and single taps the primary switch, this turns off the lights in that room and resets various virtual devices to default values (default dimmer values, whether motion control is enabled, etc). I would like this to also reset the active zone status, else if a person re-enters that room, triggering motion sensors, because the active zone is already on, it will not trigger the string of events.

    I currently am running most sensors either binary or with very short recovery times, and a longer active zone wait time. I can build a workaround using another virtual device and a short active zone recovery, but that kinda defeats the purpose of blradar.

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    OK I found the ForceOffActiveZones function which does as described. However, I am observing strange results. Perhaps someone could shed some light on how others have approached the issue.

    For an active zone containing some number of motion sensors (say a mix of z-wave and binary type home alarm), each with a virtual device in BLRadar. A series of events and virtual event toggles control whether a light is motion controlled, its default dim level based on time of day/ambient condition, and almost all lights have a failsafe forgot to turn off event that eventually turns them off. This is all great, but I like the automation to not interfere with switch operation. So a single up tap sets lights to default level, a single down turns it off (WD100 set to 2000), re-enables default dim level and motion control, and, and I would like, to turn active zones off.

    Invoking forceactivezonesoff via 002 press runs the script but results in the log showing subsequent warnings:
    Not running script since its already running: C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS3\Temp\K1.vb Single instance option enabled in event properties
    I don't understand why script is continuing to run?

    15 seconds later (the delay I have set for debugging), log shows:
    Error Calling HSEvent in plugin BLRadar, Instance :Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Also, *I think* because the motion sensors are still showing motion it takes a while to work. I have the z-wave sensors down at 1 minute on time or binary if the sensor allows, with the virtual devices in BLRadar and active zones controlling actual on time. Its not ideal. I would like to, for example, vary on-time for active zones by time of day. But that is for another thread.


    Now I am just getting homeseer crashes after playing with delays and various other potential fixeds... RLradar is running but not responding and crash


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      The other possibility is if there is a way to reset the virtual motion device in blradar to no motion, simultaneously with resetting the active zone. Bottom line I suppose I am asking what other people are doing to accommodate wall switch control that doesn't muck up motion controls (and have motion controls that do not make wall switche behavior inconsistent and/or counter-intuitive).

      Basically when a user pushes 002 I want everything to reset the way it would if there had been no motion for however long the zone is set for. Is this possible?


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        It sounds like you need a scripting call to turn off an active zone whenever you want.
        ForceOffActiveZones should do that but I will take a look and see if there is something better

        Can you log a help desk ticket on my web site for this so I do not lose track of it
        Web site | Help Desk | Feature Requests | Message Board


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          Sure, need any logs or additional information?

          Out of curiosity, I can't be the only one having this problem. How do most people go about handling it?


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            I don't think I need any logs yet
            I believe some people are using the FoceOffActiveZones call
            In the help desk ticket please post how you are using it
            Web site | Help Desk | Feature Requests | Message Board


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              Blade, could you kindly expose this in the sensor actions as well, so my event when the light switch is turned off can say

              BLRadar: Sensor Action
              No Motion (or Motion) in addition to Trigger, Enable, Disable?



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                I'm also trying to turn zones off from script, has anyone got an example of how todo this?