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  • Last Echo device

    What are the rules around the device that gets created called "Last Echo"?

    I have seen odd behavior if I move the "Last Echo" device from the BLRadar room to another room. Sometimes the BLRadar room gets created again with new "Last Echo" (& Sensor Failure Count) devices.

    Am I allowed to rename the devices you create?
    Is it possible to have the "Last Echo" device only show sensors, and not show Activity Zones?

    This is what I am trying to do. Notice the "Last Echo" device in the House room.
    All my sensors are set for a 2 minute recovery, and Activity Zones are set for a 10 minute Wait Time.
    It would be more meaningful to me to see the last sensor, moreso than the Activity Zone.

    Click image for larger version

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    Yes the plugin does not like that - leave the name of it as is - I have been meaning to fix that so it can be renamed
    Add a feature request on my site for this to remind me
    Web site | Help Desk | Feature Requests | Message Board


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      Please cancel the ticket I placed on your site about "Sensor Failure Count", the error was mine, I didnt have it configured correctly.